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[I received this word several years ago.   I’ve been told that it may be definitive word for our time.  It has a number of themes that the Lord has had me and others focus on since.  There is much there, so I’d take a paragraph at a time and mull it over with the Lord, as I do.]

Kingdom Advance – The Time is Here, Received by Ray E Horton

I am restoring all things, says the Lord, and My Kingdom shall Advance. Some say people need to repent before revival comes. But I say multitudes have already repented. Some say people need to pray before revival comes. But I say multitudes have been praying. Some say I will come in judgment, but they are ignorant of the times. This is not the time for my judgment, but the time of My grace and love poured out, which, when seen, when you show them, will draw all people, whoever will, unto me.

It is you, My people who “prepare the way of the Lord” for My return


So, I ask you, will you make yourself ready by faith to participate in what I am about to do? Count the cost, you must chose to let go of your worldly ways and put your full trust in me. But I offer to you so much more than what I call you to give up. You will have an unbelievable walk in the spirit and be an overcomer in all things.


I have heard the prayers of My people, and they have made the way. Now is the time for breakthrough, acceleration and for My Kingdom to greatly advance. I call you to wholeheartedly join in.


The time of focus on personal preparation is drawing to a close, and the time of restoration is and has been in progress; the restoration of My people, My greatest creation. You will always be learning of Me and My ways, but My focus now is in the doing. Look to Me and what do you see? Behold, I will show you yourself being changed from glory to glory, with a healed and ready heart. Be filled to overflowing with My Spirit. There comes a time for application and acceleration, and that time has begun, bringing Kingdom Advance. Will you be a part of that advance?


 Awaken, awaken, Oh My people! Get ready to be amazed, wherever you are in your relationship with Me. If you are and have been seeking, get ready to be amazed. Those who have been walking with the world, you have felt the tug of My Spirit, you have heard My voice. It is not too late! Come now! Be one with all those I have called out for this season. Those who have been in the process of restoration, continue, and be bold! Your day is at hand! Those who are fully consecrated to Me! – Listen closely, and step out in My Word to you. The time is here. This is the year.


Be praying and fasting and believing in the days and weeks ahead, for I plan interventions in the New Year that will bring great change. Continue with me in corporate unity, and get ready to be astounded before this season ends. Stand with Me says the Lord, and cooperate with and follow Me, and I show you how to pray, who to speak to and what to do.


The new year shall be a Year of Transition, even as recent years were Years of Preparation. Even as I have been calling more and more of My children out of complacency to fully consecrate their lives to Me, and have begun great restoration, so now that restoration will continue for those who are hungry for a change not only in their own circumstances but for the world around them.


My people are transitioning from the carnal to the spiritual; from double-mindedness to whole-heartedness – to a wholehearted stand for My Ways, My Word, My Grace, My life within them. Those who have depended on the carnal, worldly, merely human ways will find those ways, those crutches, are no longer needed as they put their trust fully in Me.


Turn from your own ways, and embrace Mine. For My life is within you; you are a temple of Holy Spirit; you are a branch of the vine. Focus on who you are in Me; empowered by My grace, received through faith, the faith that I have placed within you. Put all condemnation aside, every sense of inadequacy, every lie of weakness, and boldly, intentionally, believe who I say you are, and live for Me.


No longer will you feel the need to live in two worlds, doing things sometimes your way and the world’s way, and sometimes Mine. Nor will you be able to! If the road seemed parallel and the tracts close, it will no longer, for the separation of the paths will be more and more apparent, and you will have to choose. I have called you to choose life! I have called you to let go! I have called you to trust Me. And now is the time, this is the hour, as the great transition to spiritual living proceeds and accelerates, and the hearing of My voice leads and guides, bringing a great Kingdom Advance.


You have spent much time learning, and now is the time for action. The Kingdom is transitioning from preparation to action. What has been happening in small ways in the spirit world is about to be greatly enlarged. As you believe and stand for My Kingdom reign, it will overflow greatly into the natural world.


A Great Awakening is at hand! You each have a part in it. Take the authority of My Word, given unto you, and tear down the strongholds of the enemy all around you. Be bold in using My Name, the Name of Jesus. Grow strong in faith through much use, and watch great breakthroughs, even miracles, be accomplished by Me, through you, in this new season. I have many surprises in store this coming year for the world and for the enemy, but you, who stand strong in expectant faith, will not be surprised. You will rejoice at the fulfillment of My Word.


Do you want your life fully restored? Do you want your family restored? Do you want to see your nation restored? Do you want to shout the shout of victory? Shout it now, for what I am about, and for the faith that rises up within you! Let your heart be filled with praise and thanksgiving. And behold, a great light shines in the darkness, and you are a part of that light. This year much darkness shall be driven back as My people step out and let My glory shine forth.


Do not wait! Tell Me now, today, with your heart and your mouth, “Lord, I submit to Your way.”

Ray E Horton

Serving the Lord as encourager, reconciler, intercessor and prophetic teacher of God's Word, primarily in person and on Facebook, as well as writer and editor. Beyond, or as part of, the Ministry of Reconciliation that we are all called to, I am serving the Lord and His people as a minister of prayer at a local church, and encouraging the brethren locally among people I know, and worldwide on Facebook


  • Ray E Horton
    Reply February 20, 2020

    Ray E Horton

    I do believe that this is probably the most powerful message that the Lord has ever given me to exhort and encourage the Body of Christ. Not sure why the whole title didn’t show up in the picture, but that doesn’t really matter.

  • Troy Day
    Reply February 21, 2020

    Troy Day

    yes indeed

  • Joe Absher
    Reply February 22, 2020

    Joe Absher

    False prophecy . a lying spirit .

    • Ray E Horton
      Reply February 23, 2020

      Ray E Horton

      Are you referring to this message? Specify please what you believe is false.

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