Eusebius 3:31:4 is interesting on Polycrates

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This in Eusebius 3:31:4 is interesting

Polycrates , addressed to Victor,
bishop of Rome. In this epistle he mentions him together with the
apostle Philip and his daughters in the following words: “For in Asia
also great lights have fallen asleep, which shall rise again on the last
day, at the coming of the Lord, when he shall come with glory from
heaven and shall seek out all the saints. Among these are Philip, one
of the twelve apostles, who sleeps in Hierapolis, and his two aged
virgin daughters, and another daughter who lived in the Holy Spirit
and now rests at Ephesus; and moreover John, who was both a
witness and a teacher, who reclined upon the bosom of the Lord,
and being a priest wore the sacerdotal plate. He also sleeps at
Ephesus.” So much concerning their death. And in the Dialogue of
Caius which we mentioned a little above, Proclus, against whom he
directed his disputation, in agreement with what has been quoted,
speaks thus concerning the death of Philip and his daughters: “After
him there were four prophetesses, the daughters of Philip, at
Hierapolis in Asia. Their tomb is there and the tomb of their father.”
Such is his state-merit. But Luke, in the Acts of the Apostles,
mentions the daughters of Philip who were at that time at Caesarea
in Judea with their father, and were honored with the gift of
prophecy. His words are as follows: “We came unto Caesarea; and
entering into the house of Philip the evangelist, who was one of the
seven, we abode with him. Now this man had four daughters, virgins,
which did prophesy.” We have thus set forth in these pages what has
come to our knowledge concerning the apostles themselves

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 6:49 AM]
interesting – how do you read it?

Stan Wayne [12/08/2015 6:52 AM]
Not sure what you mean

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 6:54 AM]
Are you reading it in the context of modern day Islam or …? Also are you reading it in the original Greek? Had a teacher who required us that any quote from a Church Father is first read in Greek and not in some unknown modern translation. Rick Wadholm Jr knows…

Rick Wadholm Jr [12/08/2015 8:40 AM]
That’s my own preference as well.

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 9:18 AM]
its a “professor enforced” policy for me πŸ™‚ I much better read them in the original Slavic lingo much preferred also by Charles Page

Stan Wayne [12/08/2015 11:20 AM]
You could do even better – make future posts in koine Greek

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 11:21 AM]
which we have done to much surprise from our friends @ SBL πŸ™‚ funny you post this as I am looking at the final draft of my Greek NT interlinear going off to the press in 3, 2, 1…

Stan Wayne [12/08/2015 11:27 AM]
?? ??? ??? ???? ?????????????

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 12:28 PM]

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 4:46 PM]
not to bug John Conger with this #trinitarian quote from Eusebius πŸ™‚

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  • Troy Day
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    Troy Day

    Here we go Randal W Deese Dont ever say I never told you so πŸ™‚

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